Our mission: Project 180 seeks to reintegrate former offenders into community life as productive, self-sustaining citizens through education, rehabilitation and job skill training.

Break the cycle.

  • Florida’s prisons currently house over 100,000 inmates.
    Over 30,000 return to our communities every year.
  • More than 45% of those housed in the Florida state prison system are repeat offenders.
  • Almost 40% of Florida’s prisoners test at or below a fifth grade education level.

This is why we’re needed.


Project 180: Reentry.

Project 180, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is a reentry program for male prisoners in Florida. Our goal is to reduce the impact of repeat offenders upon public safety, public spending, Florida families and individual lives. We are modeled after a Congressionally-endorsed program which has successfully assisted thousands of former offenders reenter the community for 40 years. Upon opening our Residential Program, we will feature a two year, highly structured, 24/7 clean and sober residential environment, marketable job skill training, paid apprenticeships, academic education, rehabilitation and safe, slow reintegration into the community.