The Year in Review

On behalf of the Project 180 Board of Directors, I invite you to take a few minutes to reflect on the positive advances Project 180 has made this year, achievements you have made possible through your generous financial support.

With the humblest of beginnings–a program run entirely by volunteers with very little money to support the work–Project 180 has made tremendous strides thanks to you and the tireless efforts of our board, volunteers, and staff.

You may not be present with us behind bars, in our residential home, or at our office, but you are our partner in all we do. Together, we’re a community that cares about those who have struggled before, during, and after incarceration. We are a community that is helping create positive changes in the lives of the men, women, and communities we serve. Here are a few of the accomplishments and events of the past twelve months that have made this a benchmark year in our history.

Over the past year:
-Project 180 opened our Residential Program. With your support, we provided 793 nights of shelter and 2,367 meals between late May and the end of November for the previously homeless and incarcerated men in our program. With your support we’ve also helped one man incubate a thriving business, one man reinstate his driver’s license, two men receive much-needed dental surgery, six men remain steadfast in their recovery, and nine men engage in improving their credit.

-Received corporate and foundation support from The Patterson Foundation, The Koski Family Foundation, Community Foundation of Sarasota County, Edward T. Gardner Foundation, Edward & Elizabeth Gardner Foundation, The Scheidel Foundation, The Boscia Family Foundation, The Cowles Charitable Trust, The Boxser Diversity Initiative, IBERIABANK, The Candlish-Cresswell Fund, Cadence Bank, Gulf Coast Community Foundation, G.R.A.S.P., Star Financial Solutions, Roberts Hardwood, CareerSource Suncoast, Covenant Mennonite Fellowship, Shea Trust, Artefact Design, Hudson’s Furniture, Mattress Firm, GravityFree, and Sarasota Technology Users Group.

-Made operational strides by hiring our first support staff, acquiring a van for the Residential Program, and purchasing a business phone, laptop, and software systems to streamline our work.

-Increased our services to inmates at the Sarasota County Jail, Hillsborough County Jail, and DeSoto Annex state prison.

Best of all, we continue to see positive changes and major improvements in the lives of those we serve. All our residents–formerly incarcerated, homeless, and drug-addicted–are in active recovery, fully employed, improving their physical health, increasing their financial stability, and restoring their relationships with their loved ones and the community.

As you make plans for your year-end donations, please remember Project 180 by clicking here. We simply cannot do our work without your help. We appreciate your support and wish you the happiest of holidays and a new year working in partnership to break the cycle of recidivism, stabilize lives, and create a safer community.

Farewell to Caty

Caty Kelley joined the team as Project 180’s Office Assistant only a few months ago but has made a tremendous impact through her work. As she leaves Project 180 to attend nursing school, we’d like to thank her for her service to inmates and released citizens throughout the state of Florida and their loved ones.

Upon her arrival, Caty immediately tackled one of our most important jobs: finding housing and programs in every county in the state of Florida for citizens released from prison and jail. In the short time she’s worked for Project 180, she has helped over 130 citizens by providing housing and program information for them upon release. She has taken her work seriously, knowing that the information she provides may determine their success or failure upon release.

Caty says, “I am so grateful for the opportunity of becoming part of Project 180…I may not have known all I was signing up for but I am so honored to have the opportunity to be a part of this organization. It forever changed my life.”

Thank you, Caty, for the important work you’ve done, the gravity and urgency you’ve dedicated to it, and for being present in heart, mind, and soul. Project 180 has become a stronger organization thanks to you and we will never forget the many contributions you’ve made. We send you off to a great future with our love and thanks.

A Note from the CEO

We’re immensely grateful to all of you who have already made a year-end gift to Project 180. It’s heart-warming to see the outpouring of care and assistance for the men and women we serve. Thank you for making this program a lifeline for so many.

For those who still wish to make a year-end contribution toward this important work, please visit our website at and click on the Donate Now button to make your gift.

Your support turns lives around.

With warmest holiday wishes,

Project 180
PO Box 25684
Sarasota, FL 34277-2684